Medellín: Calle

In March 2018 Su Tomesen has filmed the episode Calle in Medellín, Colombia. She knew that city already because she was an artist-in-residence at El Puente_lab in Medellín for four months in 2012-2013. The residency was supported by Mondriaan Fonds.
At this moment, May 2018, editor Fynn Roovers and Su Tomesen are editing Calle and starting the post production of the video installation Calle-Rruga-Street-Jalan.

Mondriaan Fonds and Tijl Fonds generously support the realisation of the film.

Check the film plan (in Dutch) on

COMING UP: Calle being part of the video installation Calle-Rruga-Street-Jalan! MORE NEWS SOON